Little Elites Academy Philosophy

The focus of the EDA “Little Elites” Academy is to develop young soccer players and introduce them to the four pillars of soccer: Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical. Players at this age are like sponges and can learn to love the game and develop positive habits and attitudes which provide the foundations for soccer excellence down the road.

The emphasis at this age is to ignite a passion for the game, Thru “FUN” and “ENJOYMENT” where everything is positive and creativity is encouraged. If players enjoy the game at this introductory age then hopefully they will be playing and enjoying the game for years to come.

“The emphasis on winning is a detriment to young players because it prevents us from developing technically proficient players. And we are not giving them the ability to make decisions.” – US U17 National Team Coach, John Hackworth (Soccer America, Oct. 2006)

The EDA Little Elites Academy program stresses player development versus results. It is much more important to develop players within the proper framework at this age as opposed to demanding that teams win at all costs. If the goal is just to win there are shortcuts that coaches can take at the expense of developing the player and the team. By focusing on developing the player and putting them in the best training situation that fits the individual, this helps the entire team and success will follow.

The curriculum in place at EDA and the pool training sessions are designed specifically for this age. The coaches who will be working with these players are superb at training and understanding the younger players.

Therefore, you can be completely comfortable in the knowledge that your child is receiving the best soccer instruction for their age and ability.

“Too often in this country, youth coaches sacrifice learning skills for winning games…” – US Women’s National Team Member, Mia Hamm (Soccer America, Oct. 2006)

EDA Little Elites Academy Goals

Improving Technique

When players improve their technical ability they grow in confidence and give themselves a greater capacity to process information, which is vital in the development of young soccer players.

Improving Teamwork

Another way to increase enjoyment of the game is through interaction with team mates through small group activities which enhance skillful and imaginative play. The players will play in a number of positions to improve their overall understanding and knowledge of the game.

Playing With High Standards

Discipline is a key factor when learning the game of soccer. Academy players are expected to attend each training session. Shirts tucked in, socks pulled up and wearing EDA Little Elites Academy training gear. Equipment, including a soccer ball, shin-guards and water bottle are mandatory items for each session. We also require that the players treat the coaching staff, opponents, and referees with the utmost respect. Many of these standards come from you, the parent, setting the example.

EDA Little Elites Academy Format

Training Format

Players will be identified and grouped by age and ability. The EDA staff will teach and develop these players to have the confidence, and the technical ability to enjoy the game. All training is THEME BASED/CURRICULUM BASED in order to achieve basic fundamentals necessary within the game.

The practice format will institute a station style of POOL TRAINING. Simply, the training will consist of stations (2-3 stations) that vary in theme, i.e. dribbling/passing/finishing. The groups should be matched up by level(s) in order to keep the training environment challenging.

The programming will be as follows for ages 5 – 8:

Pool Training The Advantages of Pool Training

  • Player development at the Academy ages is VERY FLUID due to different rates of physical / technical maturation and game awareness. Therefore a rigid team system is less appropriate for academy teams.
  • By mixing players outside their respective groups, we allow for all the positive developmental aspects that come from stepping beyond their comfort zone.
  • Players are placed in an environment that allows them to develop an awareness of the “club culture” among different peers with whom they may compete in the future. It is less about the team and more about the club.

Coaching Games and Practice

The EDA Academy director is responsible for the staffing and scheduling of all games and practices. Each team will be assigned a club staff coach for their games. The Academy director will assign staffing for games among the allotted club staff. All coaching should be left to the coaching staff and parents should refrain from giving any tactical feedback to players.

Positive Parental Support

Positive support is vital during times of disappointment which is a natural part of a young soccer player’s developmental success. Please refer to your EDA Code of Conduct which outlines and provides examples of positive parental support. Positive parental support does not include coaching your child from the sidelines as this only confuses players.

Positive Encouragement

Positive encouragement from parents is vital in helping young soccer players succeed and enjoy the game. The job of the parents is to be their child’s biggest fan. Positive feedback and encouragement should outweigh constructive criticism by at least 10 to 1. This allows players to grow in confidence which is the key to success in soccer as well as any sport.

Positive Coaching

Positive coaching from our staff is very important to our players’ development. We must ensure that our players are instilled with confidence to play and have an understanding of the coach’s instructions as well as the ability to handle constructive feedback from the coach. Encouragement at this level is a massive motivational tool to making our players successful, creative and well-rounded soccer players.

In Summary

As a club, we feel that the EDA Academy style system will benefit the player and increase their development in the game of soccer. We believe that by implementing these ideas, we will see players improve at greater rates in a fun and a positive environment. The staff at EDA is confident that your child will thrive in a setting that encourages creativity and skill rather than in one which is focused on results and standings.

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