Goalkeeper Training

Elite Development Academy has created an exceptional Goalkeeper Program for club members.

Are you a goal keeper? There’s no extra cost. EDA keepers have the option of attending two dedicated Keeper Training Sessions each week as part of their tuition in addition to their Team Training.

EDA keepers get specialized instruction from our professional goal keeper instructor. Students get hands-on instruction and will learn the four pillars of goalkeeping: Goal Keeper Technique, Tactics, Physical Fitness, and Psychology of Goalkeeping.  

Four Pillars of Goalkeeping


  • Diving, low, medium, high saves
  • Goal Kicks
  • Distribution
  • Field Player Skills
  • Passing and receiving for keepers
  • Stance
  • Catching & Handling
  • Shot Saving & Redirecting
  • Tipping & Parrying
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Boxing
  • Breakaway Saves
  • It is the feet that get to the ball

Psychological Fitness

  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive Projection
  • Poise
  • Handling Pressure
  • Self-Analysis
  • Staying Focused
  • Goalie Wars
  • Self-Motivation


  • Anticipation
  • Decision Making
  • Organizing the Defense
  • Breakaway Saves
  • Extended range
  • Pass Back Rule
  • Playing off the line
  • Double Goal Theory
  • 3 Dimensional Angle Play
  • Starting Positions
  • Restarts
  • Initiating Attacks
  • Reading the Attack

Physical Dimension

  • Proper Warm-up
  • Effective Cool-down
  • Prevention of Injury
  • Flexibility & Coordination
  • Fitness Training
  • Plyometrics and Footwork
  • Speed Training
  • Pressure Training
  • Interval Training
  • Power Development

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