Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

I understand that as a playing member of Elite Development Academy, I must follow the rules and policies of the club and any leagues or competitions that we participate in. I understand that, as a player, I am a representative of Elite Development Academy and as such, must not conduct myself in a way that reflects poorly on the club. I also understand that my playing rights are dependent on my adherence to the following.

  • I will respect the game of soccer and its laws. I will learn these laws and I will play the game fairly.
  • I will make every effort to get to all team events. If I cannot attend I will give notice to my coach.
  • I will show respect for the match officials.
  • I will work for the good of the team and conduct myself with respect for my opponents and the game of soccer.
  • I will at all times show good sportsmanship to my opponents.

Parent Code of Conduct

While winning is important, I recognize that fair play is the most important aspect of the game.

I will set a good example to my child by behaving at all times in accordance with the following:

  • I will not openly criticize the referees before, during or after games.
  • I will not openly criticize our opponents or engage in arguments with their parents or officials during or after games.
  • I will only give positive feedback to players on both teams.
  • I will cheer at all games within the spirit of fair play.
  • I will encourage my child to congratulate opponents and match officials after every game.
  • I will have our child on time and prepared for every match.
  • I understand that improper behavior at a match, practice or other Elite Development Academy sponsored event may result in a parent being asked to leave the field or the event by a referee, coach or team manager.
  • I understand that, upon review of improper behavior by the Board of Directors of Elite Development Academy, a parent can, and if necessary, will be suspended from watching their child play should such behavior be considered rude or otherwise offensive.
  • I will leave the coaching to the coach and will not give my child or their team-mates any instructions during training or games
  • I will give my child’s coach 24 hour notice should my player be unable to attend a team event.
  • Should I have a soccer-related concern regarding my player that I would like to address with the coach I agree to wait 24 hours before raising the issue with the coach.

Anti-Harassment Policy

No player, parent, volunteer, or employee of the Elite Development Academy shall be subjected to harassment, intimidation, hazing, bullying, or cyber bullying in the course of Elite Development Academy activities on and off the field. For clarification, harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyber bullying means, but is not limited to, any written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication, shown to be motivated by an individual’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability, gender, gender identity and expression, or other distinguishing personal characteristic, or based on association with any person identified above, even in jest. Consent shall not be available as a defense to any prosecution under this action.

Furthermore, no player, parent, volunteer, or employee of Elite Development Academy shall engage in or knowingly tolerate any such behavior harassment, intimidation, hazing bullying or cyber bullying on or off the field as it relates to any teammates, other youth teams, referees, coaches, etc.

Elite Development Academy Board of Directors will respond quickly to any and all allegations of harassment within the organization. Any violation of this policy may involve a disciplinary hearing and/or action, including suspension or expulsion from Elite Development Academy and related activities.

Player Travel Conduct

The intention of these guidelines is to ensure that Elite Development Academy players, parents and coaches can enjoy tournaments in a secure and safe manner. Elite Development Academy players also have a responsibility to act as ambassadors for the club when attending tournaments.

  • It is mandatory that all players, parents and coaches stay at the same hotel for the duration of the tournament.
  • Injured players traveling with the team must wear full Elite Development Academy warm-up or uniform if they intend to sit on the bench with the team during games.
  • All Elite Development Academy players should be in their own rooms for the night by 10 pm, unless otherwise stated by the coach. Parents must be responsible for ensuring the whereabouts of their children and any other players they are supervising.
  • All players are expected to attend all team meetings at tournaments on time.
  • All players shall act in a polite and professional manner while at a hotel, restaurant or in any place where the team or player travels.
  • Any player found using or in possession of alcohol, drugs, or any other illegal substance will be asked to leave immediately and may be suspended by or removed from the Club.
  • Any player found stealing, vandalizing or involved in any illegal or inappropriate activity will be asked to leave immediately and may be suspended by or removed from the Club.
  • Players are strongly discouraged from fraternizing with members of the opposite sex while representing the club at tournaments. Cell phone numbers should not be given out and cell phones should be switched off at the appointed curfew time.
  • Any player found to be in a hotel room or other private environment with non-family members of the opposite sex without adult supervision will be asked to leave immediately and may be suspended by or removed from the Club.
  • Any player, coach or parent who observes conduct inconsistent with the above guidelines has the obligation and responsibility to report the act to the coach.

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