Toe Tap Training

Coach Adriana Valdez, DOC – Girls, gets help from EDA G08 and G07 players to demonstrate beginner through advanced (Brazilian soccer dance) toe tap training.

Toe taps are a great way for younger players to develop control and touch. For older players, it’s also a fantastic way to improve conditioning.

Toe tap fundamentals:

  • Use your toe studs — Don’t step on the ball. Use the cleat directly under the toe section.
  • Touch and then remove foot quickly — Lightly touch the ball with a “tap.” Remove your foot as fast as you touch it.
  • Maintain balance — Don’t stand over the ball. Keep the ball in front of you at all times.
  • Maintain control of the ball — Minimal ball movement always under control.


Toe Tap Training Video

Trainer : Adriana Valdez

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