Ezequiel Paz

Ezequiel Paz

Coach Ezequiel Paz joined Elite Development Academy in 2018 and currently coaches the EDA G08 team.

With his leadership in 2018, the G08 team had the following successes:

  • Vegas Cup Champions
  • Manchester City Cup Semi Finalist
  • Blues Cup Champions
  • NHB Cup Finalist
  • Supercopa Semi Finalist
  • IE Surf Challenge Champions

Coach Paz has coached various high schools and junior highs in the Fullerton School District since 1999 and in 2017 he decided to coach his daughters recreational soccer team at another club.  After that switch, he decided that he wanted to focus his coaching at the younger competitive level and joined EDA in 2018.

Coach Paz has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Education. He played soccer at CSU Fresno, Fullerton College and BIOLA University.

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